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Frequently asked Question

Lavalink is a standalone program, written in Java. Lavalink allows for sending audio without it ever reaching any of your shards. It is a great alternative to youtube-dl. Unlike raw voice solutions, such as VoiceNext, Lavalink can handle hundreds of concurrent streams, and supports sharding.

What do I put in ID / Identifier

Put it as anything, it doesn't matter as long as it's one sentence and there's no '

What if one or more of these servers are down?

Well you can simply contact the owner of it, or if the server has been down for 7 days you can make a Pull Request removing the server completely

How do I put my ads on this website

Contact, pricing starts at 2$ per day, bulk discount if you pay monthly. This site gets 120+ average visits per day.

What is the difference between NoSSL and SSL

SSL Uses Secure WS connection, whilst No SSL uses standard WS. Tho, if you want to use the SSL lavalink you need to make sure your bot uses that protocol.

How can I share my server?

Just open a pull request and We will merge it!

Where is this site hosted?

The site is hosted @ Cloudflare pages

Pull Request Template

### Hosted by @ [Your Name Here](
Version ?.? \ Some additional Info (and/or contact info)

Host : or
Port : 6969
Password : "somepasswordhere"
Secure : true/false